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What Should I Know About Tipping The Movers?

What Should I Know About Tipping The Movers?

Moving takes a team and total team effort. Professional movers work really hard to get your belongings from point A to point b. When the move is finally complete, you are probably wondering do I have to tip my movers and if so, how much should I tip them. There’s no rule or regulation for tipping movers. You can tip movers at your own discretion and however much you feel is adequate. Here are some things to consider when it comes to tipping your movers.

Is Tipping Movers A Common Thing?

Unless you receive subpar and Tipping movers is a common practice in American Society. It is not an outdated custom and movers are always grateful to receive tips. While movers are already getting paid by their respective companies, tips show appreciation towards your movers. Being a professional mover is hard, demanding, and laborious work. Rewarding movers is always a good thing to do. In recent years, many movers have been thanked for their services by the way of food or snacks as well.

What Should I Consider when deciding how much to tip?

There is no scale to tip movers but keep these factors in mind when trying to figure out how much to give:

  • How Long and Far The Move Was
  • How Much the movers helped you in the packing process
  • The amount of heavy items you had them move
  • How Many Hours They Helped You In the Process
  • Their overall Attitude during the move

Do I Give Every Mover The Same Amount?

For movers, from the same company, it is best to give every mover who helped you the same amount, unless certain movers did significantly more in the process. In terms of using different moving companies, it is okay to give different amounts based on service. You do not have to tip the same amount.

How Much Should I Tip Movers?

In general, most movers get a 10% tip based on the overall moving cost. Divide that number amongst the number of movers and you have your number. If the moving services exceeded your expectations or were superb, it is not unusual to tip 15-20%.

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