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What Items Should I Always Move Myself?

What Items Should I Always Move Myself?

Contrary to popular belief, there are a handful of items during a move you should only move yourself. Most companies even have policies in place on what they are unable to move or do not accept. It is always best to check in with your moving company and get that squared away before the big day. No matter how much you trust a certain moving company or your relationship with them, some items are better off being moved by you, the owner of the items.

Pets and Animals

When moving houses, always transfer your pets and animals in your own personal vehicle. It is never a good idea to put them in the back of a moving truck. The back of a loaded moving truck can be dangerous for pets and animals. For safety reasons, take care of this part of the move yourself. Also keep in mind what living specimen wants to be locked up in the back of a dark truck?

Valuable Assets

Never have a moving company be responsible for moving money, cash, jewelry, insurance papers, important certificates, etc. This could even include valuable collectibles such as trading cards. Even if you know and trust the moving company, it is not solely a theft issue. The last thing you want is those valuable assets getting damaged or misplaced. Valuable items that fit that criteria should be only transferred by you. Eliminate the stress of valuable items being transferred by having control of their wherabouts.

Medication & Prescribed Drugs

Medication and prescribed drugs for you or anyone in your family should never be on a moving truck. For safety concerns, always know where medication and prescribed are during a moving process. They should always be easily accessible and easy to locate. Always be in charge of moving medication and prescription drugs yourself.

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