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Tips on Hiring the Right Moving Company

Tips on Hiring the Right Moving Company

According to the American Community Survey data, around 40 million Americans relocate each year. To make all these moves easier on people, moving companies are there to assist in the packing and moving of households across the country or to the other side of town. Here are some great tips on hiring the right moving company for your needs.

They’ll Take Inventory

A quality moving company will take inventory of your household items. This usually entails a very thorough walk-through in which the movers come to your home and see all of the items that will need to be move. They’ll have a brief look at the items in your closets, cupboards, attic, garage, and other hiding places to determine the price to move everything.

This is a great time to let the estimator know if there are any items that you don’t plan on taking with you since this will affect the estimated weight and bulk of the move. To make this process go more smoothly, it’s a good idea to deal with these items before the estimators come, so take time to give away, sell, or donate those items you know you won’t take.

They Won’t Require a Large Deposit

Be wary of movers that ask for a large cash deposit before they help you move. A reputable company will expect payment only upon delivery of your items. If you do have to put down a deposit, make sure to pay with a credit card, which will help protect you against fraud.

They’ll Have Good Reviews

Online reviews are not the best method to find a mover, but using real-life reviews in the form of references. You can ask friends and family for companies they’ve used and had good experiences with, or you can ask the moving company directly to provide two or three customers they’ve assisted in the last couple of months. You can then call those customers and ask how their experience was with the company in question.

That said, online reviews can also be helpful! What you want to look for, too, is that the company has several reviews for the past few years. Many companies continue to operate under different names if they’ve been called out by the Better Business Bureau for poor service, so double-check that they’ve been around a while!

They Don’t Have Hidden Fees

A great moving company will be upfront will all of their charges and fees, even the ones you might not have considered. For example, some moving companies will charge extra if they must climb stairs or if your items are particularly bulky or fragile. When talking to your moving company, let them know all of the extenuating circumstances and ask if there are any fees for those situations. You don’t want a surprise charge just because you are moving to a 7th-floor apartment with tricky stairs!

Finding a great mover can be difficult, but by following the above tips, you’ll be able to hire one that suits your needs. All Day Moving is a professional mover that will be able to help make your relocation easy and stress-free, so get in touch!


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