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Tips For Moving in the Spring

Tips For Moving in the Spring

Spring is undoubtedly one of the best times of year to schedule your move. The weather is mild, things aren’t too busy yet, and the market is competitive for selling! Although spring is a great time to move, moving will always present certain stress factors that are tough to avoid. Here’s how to minimize stress and pull off the ultimate spring move!

Plan Ahead

Spring is a busier season for moves, so you will want to book your services ahead of time. You should book your team of movers and confirm all dates ahead of time. Don’t forget to also switch over your utilities, register pets in your new town, and make arrangements for your children’s schooling. The earlier you do these chores, the less you will have to waste time on hold closer to your move.

Clean Out Beforehand

Most people find themselves with some junk to get rid of when they start the packing process. Fortunately, spring is the perfect time for cleaning out. This is the season you can even hold a garage sale to make some quick cash off what you are getting rid of! For the other items that may not be reusable, book a local junk removal service to take it all out of your way fast and dispose of everything properly.

Watch the Weather Forecasts

Although spring presents mild temperatures, it also heightens the chance of a surprise rain shower. Be sure to check the forecasts frequently leading up to your move and have protective materials on hand in case you have to move in the rain. This might include plastic covers for furniture, packing in plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes, and keeping your rain boots & jackets closeby. It can also be a good idea to book your move a couple of days before you need to be out of your current home so that you can push it back a day if need be.

Protect Against Pollen

Pollen comes down fast in the spring, meaning it can easily coat your belongings when they’re taken outdoors during your move. Cover & seal items appropriately and try your best not to bring too much pollen into your new home. Don’t forget to take any necessary allergy medications on the day of your move – You don’t want to be slowed down by a runny nose!

Avoid Traffic

Although spring is nowhere near as busy for travel as summer, there is still seasonal traffic to avoid in some areas. If you live somewhere that you know will be busier, you can plan ahead by scheduling your move on a weekday instead of a weekend when people are out of work & traveling.

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