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Tips for Meeting Your New Neighbors After Moving

Have you recently moved but haven’t had a chance to meet any of your new neighbors yet? Introducing yourself to your new neighbors can be difficult, especially with busy schedules, but with these tips you’ll be able to introduce yourself and feel more at home in no time!

Observe Your New Neighborhood

Before introducing yourself to your new neighbors, observe the neighborhood as a whole to see what you  might have in common with those living around you. Have you noticed a few houses have toys out front and kids running around screaming? Do your elderly neighbors spend a lot of time outside gardening? By observing these habits and the types of people that are living in your new neighborhood, it’s easier to strike up conversation.

Spend Time Outside

A great way to meet your new neighbors without it feeling pressured is by spending time outside. Enjoy your new porch, walk around your cul-de-sac, or spend time out in your garden. As your neighbors pass by or you walk by their homes, stop and say hello.

What to Say

Are you finally making your move and introducing yourself to your new neighbors but not sure what to say? This is where your observations come in handy! Ask for gardening tips, advice on local sports for your kids, or compliment their home.

Host a Get Together

No one can say no to a fun day or night filled with conversation and delicious food. Once you’ve said hello to some of your new neighbors, host a get together at your new home! This will create an environment you feel more comfortable in and will also help your new neighbors get to know you.

Be Friendly

The process of introducing yourself to your new neighbors can feel intrusive, so find the right time to introduce yourself to your neighbors. When they’re walking to their car, running around with their kids, and trying to get into their house after grocery shopping might not be the best time to say hello.


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