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The Best Way to Pack Glassware for a Move

The Best Way to Pack Glassware for a Move

Moving sure is a difficult task when you’re doing it yourself! You need to carefully pack everything to ensure none of your valuables suffers from damage. This can be exhausting to achieve, especially when it comes to kitchenware. After all, you need to be even more cautious about handling delicate items such as cups, glasses, and crockery in general. There are often instances when glassware tends to break while moving. Whether you hire a moving company or you opt to move everything on your own, you must pack everything appropriately to avoid bearing any damages.

Check out this guide on how to safely pack glassware to ensure minimal damage while moving!

Sort out the glasses

The first thing you would want to do is sort out the heavy glassware from the lighter, the identical ones from the different ones, and the small ones from the big ones. Dividing your glassware not only makes it a lot easier to pack but also helps you stack and wrap each glass properly. Any changes in order might result in cracks in your glassware.

Wrap them in packing paper

An essential part of packing glassware is to ensure they are well wrapped and are kept securely. You should use two wrapping papers for delicate glasses, whereas one is adequate for heavier glasses. You could also make use of newspapers, towels, or even bubble wrap. However, remember that bubble wrap is not recyclable. Whatever material you use, make sure to tightly wrap all glassware and in a manner that you are not able to feel the glass under the wrapping.

 Wrap two identical glasses in one paper

A good way to save up on your wrapping materials is to wrap to identical glasses in one paper. This way, you don’t waste wrapping paper, and you will able to keep track of all your glass sets.

Place heavy glasses at the bottom

Lastly, while stacking the glasses, place the heaviest of all towards the bottom of the box and stack up on the remaining delicate glasses. Doing this the other way around could damage the delicate glassware. Fill in any spaces with towels or crumpled wrapping paper, and you’re good to go!

Hire a Moving Company

Whether you choose to transport these glassware items in your vehicle or with the help of a moving company, packing them in this manner will prevent fragile items from breaking. All Day Moving goes the extra step of helping you pack & organize for your move, as well as removing any junk you are looking to get rid of. For a comprehensive moving team that covers all of your needs, give us a call today! 978-682-2040


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