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National Moving Month!

National Moving Month!

Did you know the month of May is annually National Moving Month? Summer is the busiest season to move every year and many people across the country kick off the busy moving season in May. It is normal to be stressed out when during a move-out process. Moving is always a heavy burden and an anxious time. Always keep in mind that having a plan in place and staying organized is the most important aspect of a move.

Summer Moving Tips and Guide:

  • When selecting a moving company, make sure the moving company you select has the proper registrations and certifications. There are numerous fraudulent moving companies out there. Doing the proper research will prevent you from getting scammed.
  • Professional Moving Companies will always give estimates before the job starts. It is a good idea to get more than one estimate and always get it in writing. A moving company that does not provide an estimate or asks for payment before the job is done should be considered a red flag.
  • Now that the weather is nice, consider having a yard sale. A yard sale will help you declutter and downsize before the big move
  • Like mentioned earlier, May and the summer months that follow are the busiest times of the year to move. Once you know you are moving, book your move with a moving company you trust as soon as possible. Spots and days dry up quickly this time of year. You always want control of what dates work best for you and not be backed into a day that is inconvenient.
  • Whenever a professional moving company offers a free quote, take advantage of it! Free quotes are always a useful and serviceable tool.

Professional Moving Company Servicing Eastern MA, & Southern NH: All Day Moving

At All Day Moving, we are a premier moving company. Family owned and operated, we have helped countless move around Boston and New Hampshire for years. We always place your best interest in mind and and emphasize your move going smoothly. Whether it is a residential home move, commercial move, or specialty move, our team can get the job done for you! We love what we do so much we are open 7 Days a week! It’s a busy time to move. Contact us today to lock up your day and spot!


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