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Is Spring the Best Time to Move?

Is Spring the Best Time to Move?

Every spring brings new hope and a new beginning. With the snow finally melted and gone, nicer weather, longer days, and Major League Baseball in full swing, spring seems like a joyous season. Moving out during any of the four seasons is not easy, but is moving out in the spring the most convenient time? Continue reading to learn all about the advantages and disadvantages of moving out during the springtime to see whether or not it is the right move for you.

Advantages of Moving out during the Spring


An advantageous perk of moving in during Spring is moving companies are less busy and less in demand. This makes it more affordable and easier to schedule a moving company. Peak moving season usually starts in the summer so getting ahead of your move in the Springtime could be very beneficial.

The Weather

Moving out during the spring time sure beats moving out during the winter season. Spring is mostly a cool season temperature wise. It is neither too hot or too cold, just right. Moving heavy items is not fun during a cold winter day or even a hot summer day, so meeting spring in the middle sounds ideal.

Safer Travels

Driving a moving van or a UHaul is not as easy or smooth as driving your typical car. When you choose to move in the springtime you are eliminating the idea of driving when the roads are the most dangerous. Seasons such as fall and winter can present dangerous roads covered by ice and snow. Those conditions are not safe to drive in to begin with, let alone in a vehicle carrying heavy objects and furniture. Moving in the spring generally equates to safer travels.

Disadvantages of moving during the Spring

While moving in the spring comes with many advantages, there can be some disadvantages that come along with it.

Fickle Weather

While we mentioned elements of the spring weather as being an advantage, it can also be a disadvantage on some spring days. The weather in New England is always unpredictable, especially in the springtime.

Allergy season

Allergies crop up in the spring and can be a nuisance. If you suffer from spring allergies it is important to keep as much pollen out during the move out process.

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