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How to Spot a Moving Scam

How to Spot a Moving Scam

Moving is a stressful and time-consuming process, and the last thing anyone needs is extra stress added to that process by falling victim to a moving scam. You might think you are helping yourself by booking a moving service, but then end up hurting when you realize too late that you chose the wrong company. Keep these tips in mind to help you spot a moving scam and hire a reliable company

Are They an Established Company?

If a moving company can’t provide any proof that they’re a real company, that’s a red flag. Established moving companies should have a website, Google listing, or Facebook page where you can view customer reviews and easily find basic details about the company. Asking for these things are very normal and helps you ensure you’re getting your move done by a company with a good reputation. It is a bad sign if they are not transparent enough to provide basic information on their company.

Never Pay in Advance

If a company is asking for a large deposit or the entire payment in advance, it is likely a scam. Legitimate moving companies may ask for a small deposit, but otherwise, they get paid in full after providing the service. You should still be given a cost estimate before the move so you know what you need to prepare to pay. Extra insurance on items, long distance moves, and special items may cost more but be worth the price, so be sure to bring these things up before moving day. 

Get Everything in Writing

Ask your moving company to provide a written statement of your price and the terms of their services. This should include the date of service, the cost, and what their company policy is regarding lost or damaged items. Thoroughly read over the moving company contract before signing to ensure you aren’t agreeing to unfair terms or conditions. You can also check licensing details with the US authorities to ensure the company is licensed and insured as they say that they are. It’s recommended to purchase a full coverage protection policy for the move to cover anything that their policies don’t. 

How to Spot a Good Moving Company

Moving with an unreliable moving company could cost you a large amount of money and may even result in lost, stolen, or damaged items. Reliable moving companies will have no problem providing everything we’ve discussed and then some to prove their legitimacy. A quality moving company will give you an accurate & fair price estimate and will keep an open line of communication with you throughout your move. Remember that if your gut is unsure of a company, move on to another one! For the best moving services in Southern New Hampshire & Eastern Massachusetts, contact us at All Day Moving! 


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