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How to Protect Your Valuables During a Move

How to Protect Your Valuables During a Move

When moving, losing your valuable items can be a real risk. Whether you become disorganized or just damage something, it can be challenging to protect your valuables during a move. This article will give you some of the tips and tricks that professional movers use to make sure that your valuables arrive at your new home protected and safe.

How to protect your valuables during a move? Working with a professional moving service, you can prep your valuable materials to make sure that they arrive safely. Tips for protecting valuables include organization and filing storage of essential files, wrapping and padding techniques of large items, and personally carrying and moving your most valuable items like cash and jewelry.

Personal Files & Paperwork

Individual files and essential paperwork can include birth certificates, passports, and deeds. These are the types of documents that you can’t lose and should take extra particular time and consideration to pack safely before your move. Invest in a portable filing box and folders for your files. Also, consider getting a lock on this box if movers will be handling it, or simply move the data yourself in a car to your new home. Make backups digitally, and in print of your most important files and personal paperwork just in case the worst happens, and you will be prepared for your move.

Large Items

Wrapping up large items is a trade secret for moving companies. However, you can help your professional movers ensure that your large items arrive unscratched or dented by wrapping them yourself. Start with a moving cloth or blanket and cover the large piece. Then, use the plastic moving wrap, which can be purchased at any moving or storage store, and cover the blanket snuggly to the large piece. Finally, use tape and create handles on the item at the bottom and top so that the movers or yourself can lift the thing.


The best option for moving jewelry is to move it yourself. Invest in a jewelry box and use the plastic wrap to keep it closed. Also, make sure all jewelry is secure in the box and carefully carry it to your own car and keep it in your sight!

Hiring professional movers is the best way to ensure that your valuable and significant items arrive at your new destination unharmed. However, if you follow these simple steps, you can help the movers to make sure that no accidents happen to your most valuable possessions. Contact All Day Moving today at (978) 682-2040 to get your free quote and schedule your move.


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