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How to Protect Valuable Items During Your Move

The process of moving from one home to another requires many working parts in order to be completed smooth & successfully. One of the most important goals for moving into a new home is keeping your personal belongings safe. To do this, you might look into moving insurance under your homeowners policy, or hire a licensed & insured professional moving company. Whether it be your favorite flower vase or a grand piano, here are some tips for keeping your belongings safe!

Dishware & China

Your glasses, vases, & dishware are some of the most breakable items in any move. To best protect these pieces, wrap them individually in packing paper or bubble wrap. Consider packing glass items in plastic containers instead of cardboard – This will allow for stacking & avoid crushing. Make sure you label their box as fragile to alert movers to take extra care.

Lamps, Vases, & Picture Framespacking peanuts in box

Items like lamps, vases, and picture frames may be too bulky and oddly shaped to wrap with packing paper or bubble wrap. To keep these pieces safe, use packing peanuts. Packing peanuts allow for a cushion by filling in empty spaces around the item . To make sure there is enough of a cushion, pack the peanuts in tightly and make sure you do not pack too many items in the same box that could bump each other.

Jewelry & Heirlooms

All valuable and irreplaceable jewelry should be kept on your person to best ensure its safety. Jewelry is small and can easily be overlooked, misplaced, or lost in the hustle & bustle of a move. To take full precaution, make sure that all of your valuable jewelry is properly insured prior to your move. If you have a large jewelry collection, make sure that your moving company is licensed & insured.

Paperwork & Personal Files

It is important to make sure you don’t lose track of your personal files, including titles to vehicles, warranties, deeds, and bill records. To stay organized with your paperwork during a move, it will be best to keep everything together until you can properly unpack in your new space. Instead of packing them into your moving truck with other miscellaneous items, you will want to keep them closer to you throughout the move, like in your personal vehicle or even at a trusted friend or relative’s house. This way, you will not have any paperwork misplaced should you need access to it.

Large Items

Large & valuable items that you will want to keep safe include “specialty items” such as pianos, artwork, and grandfather clocks. These large and uniquely shaped items can be difficult for a homeowner to move & protect themselves – You won’t want to strap these to the bed of your pick-up truck! To best ensure the safety of these pieces, consider hiring an experienced moving team. All Day Moving is fully licensed & insured, and we never take shortcuts in moving your valuable belongings.

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