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How to Properly Pack Your Dishes & Glassware

How to Properly Pack Your Dishes & Glassware

Most of the items you are going to be packing up to move to your new home will be soft items that are difficult to break during the moving process, but when it comes to the kitchen, it seems like everything is fragile. To help avoid dishes and glassware from breaking during the move, make sure you are packing these items properly. Not sure where to start? Check out these tips from the experts at All Day Moving! 

Tips for Choosing Packing Materials

  • Dish barrels are extremely durable and are made to absorb the shock of travel. Made out of strong cardboard, dish barrels will be more expensive than your traditional box, but they will make a world of difference during your move.
  • Make sure to tape the bottom and sides of your box to reinforce any weak spots. Avoid using duct or masking tape when doing this! Moving tape that utilizes a tape gun will work best. Always opt for wide tapes!
  • Newspaper can be used to wrap your breakables but will require you to wash all of your dishes and glasses once you’ve unpacked. To save yourself some time, use white packing paper.

Start with a Bed of Paper

Placing a bed of paper at the bottom of your dish barrel will help insulate your dishes and protect them from any rough landings when the box is put down. The crumpled paper will also help absorb any shock during the move itself.

Heavy Glassware on the Bottom

When packing up your glassware, always place large and heavy pieces on the bottom and have all fragile glass items on the top. This will make the box sturdier and reduce any breakage.

Roll & Tuck Your Glassware

When you are wrapping your glassware, use the roll and tuck method for ideal protection. Place the glass on the white moving paper, roll once, and tuck the edges in as you go.

This same method can be used for wine and champagne glasses!

Fill Your Box to the Top

When you fill your box to the top, you are reducing the amount of space your plates and glassware have to move during the moving process, thus reducing any potential for items to break. Never leave a box half full.

Remember that moving doesn’t have to be stressful – When done right, your move can go perfectly smooth. For more moving tips & an expert team of movers in the MA & NH area, check out All Day Moving today!


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