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How to Prepare for Your Summer Move

Summer is the prime time to move! After winter’s cold temperatures and tough weather, a summer move is the perfect time to relocate, even if it is only a few blocks down the road. For a perfect summer move, there are a few steps you should take to fully prepare for all that goes into a successful transition into a new home.

Tips for a Perfect Summer Move

There are a lot of things to keep track of during a summer move. Make sure to keep these in mind!

Don’t Assume You’ll Have Sunshine

Sure, summer brings about thoughts of sunshine and warmth, but that’s not always the case. Summer is also the season for rain, thunder, and even severe storms. For that reason, be sure to track weather leading up to the big move, and make sure to plan ahead. Electronics and furniture probably should not get wet, so watch for pesky weather in the forecast leading up to a big move.

Take Plenty of Breaks and Stay Hydrated

It’s worth noting that even if it is super sunny, it’s likely to be hot and humid as well. That means breaks in between moving boxes and heavier items is crucial. There’s no limit to what the summer weather can throw at you, and even on a picture perfect day to move, you may be wishing for a bit of rain in the back of your mind.

Put Pets in Someone Else’s Hands

You might want the whole family to be present for the move, but pets can’t help. Sure, kids are limited in what they can do, but lighter things and smaller boxes can easily be their job. Pets? Not so much. A kennel appointment can really make all the difference when it comes to a move. Without having dogs trained and ready to listen no matter what, it can really throw a wrench in the success of a move. Not to mention, even well-trained dogs may only understand commands outdoors when in their own yard. Keep this in mind before you bring the dog for the move, and better yet, get someone to watch them or board them for the day.

A summer move is a great way to get into a new home when the weather is likely to be the most forgiving. Make sure to keep these tips in mind as you prepare to get into a new home. There are too many things to keep track of, but at least these three important aspects of a summer move should help you to avoid major setbacks or hassles!


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