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How to Maximize a Small Dorm Space

Moving back to school is one of the most exciting times of year for students in the Boston area. Students come back to the city to be reunited with friends, continue their education, and have fun with all the city has to offer. Before the fun starts, packing & unpacking dorms has to happen! This can be stressful, especially considering the limited space in most dorms or shared apartments. If you are struggling with yet another college move, check out these tips to maximize efficiency & storage when unpacking your new dorm space.

Pack Efficiently

Only Bring What You Need

Remember that if you do not need to bring clothing for all seasons at once. Space is limited, and you won’t need your winter jacket at the same time as your sandal collection. Often times in college it works best to switch out clothing from home every couple of months or so according to the weather changes. This is especially true if you go to school close to home – Switching out a couple of bins of clothing every month will be easier than trying to cram it all into your dorm drawers! If you aren’t close to home, you might ask your parents to ship items to you as you need them. As you pack, think about what you will actually wear.

Clean Out While You Pack

Packing your closet is the perfect time to clean it out. When you’re packing according to what will fit in a small space, you should already be prioritizing what you will actually wear. Once you weed out what will be left in your closet, take another moment to think if you will ever wear it. If not, it might be time to donate or move it along to make some room in your life.

Maximize the Space

Use Hooks & Hangers

Hooks are useful for a multitude of items in college, and can be used to store items that have no place anywhere else. You might use hooks to hang jackets & bags on the back of your door, and you also might have a hook or two for your towels. For your closet, you can buy hangers that stack multiple tops or bottoms to maximize closet space. You can also buy a hanging shoe organizer or hanging shelves.

Lift Your Bed

Lifting your dorm bed on risers can create a huge storage space for bins or plastic shelves or drawers. This can also be a good space a suitcase or duffel bags that you have no storage space for and will not use frequently. You can keep anything under there while maintaining easy access, and it creates at least 6ft of space!


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