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How to Make Moving Less Stressful

How to Make Moving Less Stressful

Moving day is finally here! You’re excited about moving into a new home, but when it comes to the heavy lifting, transferring utilities and renting moving trucks… not so much. Take a deep breath & remember that there are plenty of ways to make moving less stressful for you and your family.

Here are five tips from the experts at All Day Moving to keep your stress levels down before, during and after moving day:

Tackle Small Things First

If you start with the smaller things, they tend to add up very quickly. Soon, you’ll look around and realize you’re almost done packing to move. Not sure where to start? Keep it simple. Tackle one drawer at a time. Then, clean out your home office by packing up all your books, CDs and DVDs. In time, there will be nothing but larger furniture & appliance items to worry about.

Plan Ahead of Time

Time is of the essence when you’re getting ready to move. It can also be the biggest cause of stress when moving day arrives. Why? Well, it’s easy to run out of time if you don’t plan ahead. You need time to find boxes, pack, reserve the moving van, set up utilities at your new home, and of course, clean up your old home. Save yourself stress by planning ahead and starting the packing process far ahead of time.

Keep Things Organized

One of the best ways to make moving less stressful is to stay organized throughout every phase of the move. That means labeling and sorting boxes so movers know where to place them at the new house. This makes it easier when it’s time to unpack. That way, when it’s all said and done, you know where everything is, including your important documents.

Get Help When Needed

Another way to keep stress down when moving is to ask for support from family and friends. Don’t try to do all the packing, lifting, loading and unpacking all by yourself. Ask for help and get yourself an extra set of hands to keep you from feeling overwhelmed. And be sure to thank anyone who helps and return the favor next time they move.

Hire Professional Movers

The simplest way to move is to sit back and let the professionals do it. They help with or take over your packing, safely wrapping your breakables up, loading and unloading the moving truck, as well as unpacking when needed. 

Eliminate your stress when moving by reaching out to the team at All Day Moving! 


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