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How Far in Advance Do I Hire a Mover?

moving dollyThe moving process can be extremely stressful and the earlier you start planning for the moving process, the less hectic it will be. When it comes to making an appointment with a mover, it’s important to make it as soon as possible after confirming move-in dates. If you find out you will be moving far in advance and forget to schedule movers beforehand, we suggest scheduling your movers at least 8-weeks in advance, especially during the summer months. Keep in mind that depending on how far your move is, you’ll want to book further in advance.

Why Scheduling Your Move in Advance is Beneficial

By scheduling your move in advance, you’ll be able to get the date you want to move reserved and confirmed with time to focus on other aspects of your move. You can also benefit from the following:

  • Better deals – moving companies tend to reward their proactive clients with better discounts
  • More options – when you start looking for movers far in advance, you’ll have a larger pool of companies to choose from depending on your budget and expectations

The summer months are also a very popular time of the year to move, making it difficult to reserve movers for the exact date you want.

The Best Time to Schedule Your Move

Scheduling your move for the time that works best for you is important, but if you want to avoid the busy moving season, consider the following:

  • The slow season for moving is September to May – consider booking your move within this time period
  • Avoid moving at the very beginning or very end of the month, as this is when most leases start/end
  • Avoid moving on national holidays, they’re busier and more expensive
  • Move during weekdays (Friday-Sunday are known for being extremely busy times for moving)

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