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How Do I Move My Wine Collection Safely?

How Do I Move My Wine Collection Safely?

If you’re a connoisseur of wine, your collection is likely your pride and joy. And if you’re preparing to move to a new home, you might be wondering just how to get your collection there safe and sound. Luckily, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your wine collection arrives safely. Here’s what to do. 

Choose Which Wines to Move

Before your move, take inventory of all of the wines in your collection. If your new home has limited space to store them, you’ll have to make some tough choices about which wines go with you and which ones you can’t bring. If you have several bottles that won’t be coming with you, consider selling them to other collectors or gifting them to family or friends. 

Get an Appraisal

Now that you know which bottles in your wine collection are moving with you to your new home, it’s a good idea to get an appraisal. Make sure to do some research to find a reputable appraiser that will give you an accurate evaluation. If you need recommendations, check with your local liquor stores or distributors. They’ll likely have several contacts that can help. 

The reason you need an appraisal is to insure your collection. Before you can take out insurance, you need to have a detailed inventory and assessment of the value of your collection. Knowing all the details will help you get the best policy to protect your wine. 

Pack them Correctly

As a collector, you probably know how delicate wine can be – and not just because they are in glass bottles. Wine is sensitive to changes in humidity, temperature, and even light, so you need to take care to protect your collection against significant fluctuations. Packing considerations need to be taken, so the wine doesn’t suffer during the move. 

Choose Your Moving Company Wisely

To get your high-value wine collection to your new home safely and securely, you should make sure to choose your moving company wisely. Not all moving companies are prepared to move wine collections, so some research may be necessary. 

First, check to ensure that the movers have a permit to move alcohol, especially if you are moving to a new state. Then, check out their online reputation; good reviews will indicate that the company can help you out. If you know other wine collectors that have moved, consider asking them for recommendations. Don’t forget to opt-in for comprehensive insurance from the movers. 

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