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How Do I Make My Kids Comfortable During A Move?

How Do I Make My Kids Comfortable During A Move?

Moving, in general, is never an easy or stress-free journey. When you factor in moving with kids, it is a whole other level. Kids, no matter what age they are, do not like change. Plain and simple. Kids fall in love with the place they have called home for years, become accustomed to their school, and form strong bonds with their friends. It is never easy telling your kids they have to leave that all behind and start anew. Moving can take a toll on kids mentally and physically. Here are the best things to do to ease your kid’s transition during a move.

Tell Them As Soon As Possible

Give your kids as much notice as possible so they can adjust and take it all in. The last thing you want to do is tell your kids last minute and have to drag them out of the house.

Tell Them It Is Not GoodBye

One of the best ways to transition your kids into a brand-new environment is to let them know they do not have to leave their old life completely behind after a move. Inform your kids that they can still keep in touch with their friends via phone calls, email, text, or occasional playdates.

Explain How It Is For The Best Of The Family

When a family moves, it is usually in the best interest of the family. Whether it relates to a better job, a better housing opportunity, or a better neighborhood, whatever the reason or reasons a family hardly moves without good cause. Explain to your kids the reason for the move and how things will be even better once the move is complete.

Be Patient With Your Kids

When your kids are not happy about moving, they might have outbursts and act out. While it may be easy for you to snap back at them, remain as calm as possible and sympathize with them. Cajole them with their favorite food, snacks, or toys.

Show Your Kids Cool Aspects of The New Home

A good way to get your kids to embrace a new home is to show them what the new home has to offer. Show them pictures of the new home ahead of time or bring them to the home and allow them to get a feel for it.

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