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How Can I Make Moving Enjoyable?

How Can I Make Moving Enjoyable?

The concept of moving can bring plenty of excitement, but putting in the actual work to move? That is usually not fun for those who are moving. From packing to lifting to unpacking, it can be quite a drag. Here are five strategies you can try to make your move enjoyable.

Get Your Friends Involved

Hanging out with friends is usually a fun time. Since moving is usually a stressful process, getting your friends involved can make it a fun time.

Take Scheduled Breaks

Moving is a grueling process from start to finish. Taking a breather or a break in between all the chaos can make all the difference and help you finish the move strongly.

Write Down What You Need To Do

During a moving process, your mind can be everywhere. It is very easy to forget things during this hectic time and when you finally remember needing to do something, it can be inconvenient. Write down to-do items and cross them off as you go.

Start Packing A Month Ahead of Time

Once you know you are officially moving, start packing about one month ahead of time. Waiting to pack at the last minute can cause a good amount of stress and frustration. Packing up a month in advance will also reveal what packing supplies you need more of.

Take Deep Breaths and Embrace The Journey

Moving is a giant milestone. Whether you are moving to a town over or to another state, enjoy the new chapter you are about to embark on in your life. Some people move a lot, some people will only move a few times in their lives. Whatever frequency you move at, enjoy the final moments of the current chapter and look ahead to the next one.

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