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Best Tips When Moving In The Winter

Best Tips When Moving In The Winter

Winter will officially be here in a couple of weeks. Moving in the winter is usually the least popular time to move during the year but thousands of people still do it. Moving can cause some stress no matter what season you decide to move, and winters elements can make winter the worse time to move. If you plan on moving this winter, do not worry, it can be done. Here are the best tips to keep in mind as you move while it is frigid cold and snow is on the ground.

1. Create A Safe Moving Environment

When moving in the winter, there is bound to be snow and ice on your outdoor steps and driveway. The last thing you want to experience while moving boxes is to trip over a snowbank or slip on ice. To avoid this, make sure to shovel a secure pathway while loading up your moving boxes. In addition, be on the lookout for any icy spots and apply salt or avoid the area completely. On the flip side, make sure the home you are moving into also features a safe outdoor environment. You do not want to get hurt moving into your new home or injure any movers helping you. It goes both ways when it comes to moving environments.

2. Be Aware of The Weather Forecast

Staying on top of the weather forecast in the winter is critical, especially when you plan on moving. Preparing for the unexpected will pay off because winters in New England can unpredictable and full of curveballs. Since your schedule moves ahead of time, it is possible your scheduled moving day coincides with a potential snowstorm. If it looks that way, contact the moving company you partnered with and discuss a rescheduling. Neither you nor your moving company wants to be caught in a snow blizzard. Also, remember to dress accordinly.

3. Start Packing Up About 1 Month Before The Move

It never hurts to give yourself plenty of time to pack up. It is never fun to pack up in a furry and scramble around. Giving yourself ample time in the moving process will decrease the chances you misplace items or stress out over boxes.

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