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5 Tips for Moving Day

5 Tips for Moving Day

Moving day is a stressful time for everyone. From planning, to packing, to deciding which moving company to hire, the emotional toll is exhausting. There are several ways you can make your moving day run smoothly. 

Have a Moving Inventory List

Implementing a plan for moving day is the first and most crucial step to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Before hiring a moving company, be sure to create a moving inventory list of your possessions. Categorize your belongings and have the list ready for moving day to ensure nothing is forgotten.

Hire a Reliable Moving Company

Do your research, check the internet, and listen to word of mouth. Do not fall victim to a poor moving company’s services. Check reviews from several reputable sources before you contact a moving service. Non-reliable companies are good at convincing you to hire them even when their personnel do not perform well. Going ‘cheap’ or hiring an irreputable moving service could result in damaged furniture, stolen possessions, and emotional stress. It is worth the time to investigate the company you are seeking for hire. 

A reliable moving company can help you take care of all aspects of your moving day, including the proper truck size, professional movers that will take caution with your possessions, and a team that takes their work seriously. This can alleviate much stress on moving day.

Make Arrangements for Pets and Small Children

This is an often overlooked but essential step to remember before your moving day. When you move, both yourself, and your movers, will be in and out of your home regularly. This means that the door is likely to be propped open when large boxes, or furniture, have to be transported. The last thing that anyone needs is a small child or pet running out of the house. You should plan ahead and find someone to watch after your younger children and pets so that you do not have to worry about them. Children and pets also run the risk of injuring your moving service workers, yourself, and your property when they accidentally run into the working adults. To protect these things, and the safety of your kids and pets, make other arrangements for them on moving day. 

Pack the Majority of Your Items Before Moving Day

The most important step to a smooth, stressless moving day is to pack as much a possible before the day arrives. Pack up all off-season clothing, excess shoes, pictures, wall décor, and anything else you will not need before the day arrives. This will save you a considerable amount of time and ensure that your possessions are correctly packaged.

Do a Final Walk-Through

Finally, be sure to perform a final walk through your home after all of your belongings are removed. Be sure to check crawlspaces, attics, basements, as well as closets and cabinets, to ensure that you do not forget anything. Refer to your inventory checklist as well to make sure that nothing was overlooked.

Contact All Day Moving

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