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5 Tips For Deciding Where To Live

5 Tips For Deciding Where To Live

Are you unhappy with where you live? Perhaps it’s time to move to a new city. Studies have shown time and time again that where a person lives directly affects their happiness and health. If you’re ready to shake things up and make a move, then you’re probably asking yourself one question: Where do I go? There are five essential things to look at when picking where to live. Taking these things into consideration before making the big move can dramatically affect your chances of loving your new home!

Tips For Finding Your New Home

Crime Index

Take time to look at a city’s crime index. You want to make sure that you’re moving to a place where you will feel safe. There are tons of websites online that allow you to research a city’s crime statistics. Don’t be fooled by really cheap housing – If the price seems too cheap, you might be sacrificing safety. 

Job Opportunities 

Look online at the available jobs in your potential city. Make sure that you’ll be able to find work in your field, and that the salary in the area is on par with your expectations. Check that the job market is healthy and the unemployment rate is low.

Cost of Living

On the topic of money, ensure that the cost of living doesn’t far exceed your means. Sometimes amazing cities and towns come with hefty price tags. Even if the city is incredible, if you can’t afford to explore your new digs, then your chances of loving your new hometown decrease significantly. 

Community and Culture

Scope out the communities of cities you like. Do they have a happening night scene? Are there a lot of family activities? Think about the things you value & enjoy doing and make sure that those activities are thriving in your potential cities.   


Be sure to take note of conveniences that are important to you. These can include proximity to excellent healthcare, highly-rated school districts, public transportation, distance to airports, entertainment options, restaurant diversity, and more. Be sure that your potential new hometown checks all the boxes. 

Once You Are Ready To Move…

Choosing a new location and moving can be incredibly stressful, even when you have found the perfect new spot. Saving a little extra money before the move to hire a professional moving company is worth the ease of mind. This way, instead of stressing about how to convince your friends & family to help you Tetris-stack all of your belongings into a moving truck, you can spend your time and energy getting excited and researching your new home! 

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