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5 Steps To Take Leading Up To Your Move

5 Steps To Take Leading Up To Your Move

The day you move out of your home and into a new one can be overwhelming and tiring, but there are plenty of things you can do leading up to the big day to make it easier on yourself. From cleaning out your food supply to calling in a team of professional movers, make sure you cover all your bases before it’s go-time!

Plan Your Meals Around What’s Left

Moving perishable food items is an added headache on move-in day that you won’t want to deal with. Try to plan your meals around using up any items in your refrigerator in the days leading up to your move by using up any fruit, meat, and vegetables. Any non-perishable items that aren’t worth packing are always appreciated by local shelters or food pantries.

Take Pictures of Technology Connections

Before you pack TVs, computers, game systems, and other electronic devices, snap a picture of how each is connected. You can later reference these photos for easy setup in your new space. If you’re not tech-savvy, this could save you the hassle of a call to the cable company or manufacturers!

Clean Your New Space

If you have access to your new home prior to move-in day, take a trip over there ahead of time to wipe down the inside of your kitchen cabinets, dust the closets, and clean the bathroom. This way you can start unpacking items where they belong as soon as the boxes have been placed on move-in day. As an added bonus for yourself, stock the bathroom with toilet paper & line the shower with a shower liner so you can shower at the end of the day after moving!

Update Your Address

Once you are in your new home, you don’t want to miss out on mail, or worse, move in with no electricity! Update your address ahead of time with your current banks and subscriptions. Call ahead of time and make sure the electric, gas, and cable are all transferred to you as well so that you can focus on settling in when you arrive to your new space.

Choose the Right Movers

Hiring a professional moving company will make your move feel faster and easier, but only if you pick the right team. You should make sure your moving company has adequate experience in the industry and is fully insured to protect your belongings. If you have specialty items such as pianos or artwork, ask about their procedures ahead of time to make sure they are prepared.

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