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5 Signs It's Time to Move

Does your home still fit your lifestyle, or are there things you would change if you could? Check out these 5 reasons you might consider moving.

5 Signs It’s Time to Move

Is your living space still a good fit for you & your evolving lifestyle? Even if you love where you live, there might come a time when you will question if it is still a practical fit for you & your family. Here are some factors to consider if you are contemplating moving.

Your Commute is Too Long

Whether you just got a new job that is further away, or you’ve been committed to that two hour commute for years now, it’s never a bad time to start saving on gas and car repairs and increase your leisure time. Moving often makes sense if it will shorten your commute and allow you more time to do the things you enjoy or spend time with those you love. You will be shocked at how much time there is in a day when you’re no longer sitting in a car or train for hours everyday!

You Want a Better Neighborhood or School System

Overtime,your area of the city might be less safe than it used to be, or maybe you’re tired of city life and ready for the suburbs. For parents, a good education system is a huge priority, and moving to a better school district is a common reason families relocate. family in tight room

Your Family is Growing

Last year you had another child, and now your 6 year old is begging for a puppy. Before you know it, your home office has turned into a nursery, or the man cave has been moved into the unfinished basement! As your family expands, you might find yourselves outgrowing the number of bedrooms available, or even just needing more space in your kitchen or living areas. If you’re past the stage of just starting out, your “starter house” might not cut it anymore.

You Want Different Amenities

Does your tiny yard still suit your needs, or do you long for more room for your dogs to run and space to build a pool? Maybe you’ve been thinking about how much you would love a deck for having guests over, but there is no space for one in your current property. It might be time to consider a home with a different layout, or moving into a complex that has your desired amenities available.

You Want to Downsize

In contrast to those who are growing their family, empty-nesters often find themselves with spare bedrooms and wasted space after their kids have grown up and moved out. If you find you are spending more time wiping up dust in the extra rooms of your home than the time you spend using them, it might be time to downsize. A smaller home could leave you with extra money to put into your savings, or to take some trips you have always wanted to go on!

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